Venue, travel, accomodation

There is no conference fee. The conference will take place in the seat of the Bialowieza National Park. The alimentation and accommodation, with reduced price for the participants of the conference, will be possible in the Bialowieza National Park hotel ( and restaurant ( For the details and reservation please contact us:

Travel to Bialowieza:

Participants of the conference, traveling from abroad should first arrive to Bialystok (Białystok), by train or by bus from Warsaw or another city with international airport. The travel from Warsaw to Bialystok by train takes ca. 2 hours. The only public transport from Białystok to Bialowieza is the bus. The bus station is situated next to the railway station. Voyager buses to Bialowieza leave every 1.5-2 hours and the travel takes ca 2 hours.

The conference venue:

The conference venue will be the conference room of the Bialowieza National Park, situated in the Palace Park in Bialowieza village, building No. 11.


There are several hotels of different standards and prices in Bialowieza. Most of them have their own website. A reasonable price for accommodation is offered by Guest Rooms of the Bialowieza National Park, located next to the conference venue (
The organizers have negotiated a special price for all participants with the management of the Guest Rooms of the Bialowieza National Park:
- the cost of accommodation in a double room is 60 PLN (ca. 15 EUR) / per person / per day,
- the cost of accommodation in a 3-person room is 50 PLN (ca. 12 EUR) / per person / per day.
The Guest Rooms of the Bialowieza National Park are located in the building complex of the Białowieża National Park. The complex also houses a conference room, which will be the place of conference.
Accommodation reservations should be made directly at the reception of the Bialowieza National Park:
Phone: (0048) 85 682 97 29, fax (0048) 85 682 97 16
When making a reservation, one must provide information on the participation in the conference ‘The Archaeology of Woodlands’.


In the complex of buildings of the Bialowieza National Park, the restaurant ‘Parkowa’ is also located, where participants of the conference may buy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Prices are very reasonable.
Costs of alimentation for participants of the conference are:
- breakfast (Swedish buffet, hot dishes, appetizers, soft drinks, coffee, tea), for one person per day is 19 PLN (ca 4,6 euro),
- (soup, main dish, compote (juice), dessert) – 30 PLN (ca. 7,2 euro) for one person per day,
- dinner (Swedish buffet, hot dishes, appetizers, soft drinks, coffee, tea) - 25 PLN (ca. 6 euro) for one person per day.

Reservation of meals should be made individually via e-mail: The e-mail should contain:
- the table below with the "X" mark in table windows, with selected types of meals on a specific day.

date / type of meal breakfast lunch dinner
18.04.2018 --- --- ---
19.04.2018 --- --- dinner at the expense of conference organizers
20.04.2018 --- --- ---
21.04.2018 --- --- ---

- invoice details,
- if necessary, information on dietary requirements.

The payment for ordered meals should be made at the beginning of the conference in the restaurant ‘Parkowa’.

Of course, in Białowieża there are also other restaurants with different standards and prices.

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